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Important information about the site 24/6/2011

An open letter to the friends and supporters of Partysounds

As you will be aware the site has been offline for a while due to circumstances beyond my direct control.
It has been a difficult time for your friendly web master and for the following reasons the site hasn't had my attention.

About 4 years ago I became sick with a mystery illness, which after 2 years of tests was diagnosed as M.E./CFS. As a result of this illness
I had to sell my house and my business. There was an 18 month period where I was unable to leave my home.
The Partysounds website was hosted on my old company web server, which now belongs to
Thomas Cook. To say that my former colleagues were unsupportive of my misfortune, would be the understatement of the century!

At this time, I am at about 65% of the health that I enjoyed before and I am gradually rebuilding my life. Partysounds will live again, it may take
me some time to achieve this goal. I hope you'll be patient with me and not to angry when there are faults with the site.

Best regards, Matt

Main site is now partly running